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Anchor Plastics Capabilities and Quality Standards

At Anchor Plastics, we strive to deliver high-quality molded parts and components to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing is reflected in our capabilities and adherence to stringent quality standards. This document aims to inform you about the range of services we offer and the quality expectations we maintain.

Ejector Pin Marks:
We ensure that ejector pin protrusions and depressions are flush to within .010″ to achieve a smooth and uniform surface finish on the molded parts.

Flash – Excess Plastic:
In parallel to the parting line, any flash is limited to a dimension of .005″ x .015″ in length. Similarly, core flash and flash from core pins are controlled to be .005″ x .015″ long. These measures help us maintain precise molding and prevent any excessive plastic material.

Gate Vestige:
For various gate types, we ensure that the vestige, or residual mark, is flush to .010″. This attention to detail helps us achieve a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance on the molded parts.

Color Streaks:
We maintain strict standards when it comes to color streaks. These streaks should not be visible at a distance of 18″ to the unaided eye. Our goal is to provide visually appealing products free from any undesirable color variations.

At Anchor Plastics, we have a zero-tolerance policy for contamination. Any presence of pollution, such as grease, oil, or antifreeze on the parts, is deemed unacceptable. We ensure that our manufacturing processes and facilities are clean and free from any contaminants to deliver pristine products.

Delaminating, which refers to the splitting of plastic material along its layers, is considered unacceptable. We employ strict quality control measures to ensure the structural integrity of our molded parts and prevent any delamination issues.

Flow Lines/Knit Lines:
Flow lines or knit lines, which are marks formed when two flow fronts meet, are generally acceptable unless specified otherwise. We pay close attention to these lines, ensuring they do not negatively impact the appearance or functionality of the part.

Gas Burns:
Gas burns, characterized by thermal decomposition, discoloration, distortion, or localized destruction, are not acceptable on our molded parts. We implement measures to prevent gas burns and maintain the integrity of the products we deliver.

To maintain dimensional accuracy and surface finish, any sink marks, depressions, or dimples on a molded part are limited to a maximum depth of 20% of the adjacent molded part.

We have stringent quality standards to ensure that no specks are visible at a distance of 18″ to the unaided eye. We take great care to prevent any foreign particles or defects from affecting the visual appearance of our products.

Lines found in parts after molding, known as splay, are considered unacceptable. Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize the occurrence of splay, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards.